Cong Hao
Cong Joining Georgia Tech

Cong (Callie) Hao will join the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech) as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2021.
Jun 2020

Rakesh Kumar (second from left) receiving his award in Beijing on January 13.
Kumar Receives Ten-year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award

Illinois ECE Associate Professor Rakesh Kumar's 2010 paper "Slack Redistribution for Graceful Degradation Under Voltage Overscaling." recognized as 10 Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper (MIP) Award at ASPDAC 2020.
Jan 2020

30-Year Most Influential Paper Award at ISSRE2019

A paper titled "Analysis of failures in the Tandem NonStop-UX operating system" won the 30-Year Most Influential Paper Award at the 30th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2019). The winning team members were Anshuman Thakur, Ravi Iyer, Luke Young, and Inhwan Lee.
Oct 2019

Double Championships at DAC System Design Contest 2019

For the second year in a row, teams from Illinois are victorious in a competition challenging experts worldwide to design low-power embedded systems for Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. At the 2019 Design Automation Conference (DAC) System Design Contest, the teams won Double Championships for both the GPU and the FPGA tracks of the contest.
Jun 2019

IEEE Spectrum covers Sheng’s work on Noise Cancellation

The SyNRG group is combining wireless networking with acoustics to design new kinds of noise cancellation headphones. Check out the paper <here>.
Aug 2018

Anupam joins North Carolina State University

Anupam Das joins the CS Department at NC State University. Congratulations, Anupam! We look forward to more amazing research in security.
Aug 2018

Hassanieh receives NSF CAREER

Haitham Hassanieh receives NSF CAREER Award for developing agile and scalable mmWave networks. Congratulations!
Mar 2018

Best paper at ASPLOS 2017

Henry, Weidong, and Rakesh's research on low power (IoT) processors wins ASPLOS 2017 Best Paper Award.
Nov 2017

Jian joins UIUC Faculty

Jian Huang's research is in operating systems, architecture, distributed systems, security, etc. He comes from Georgia Tech, and is the most recent addition to our CompE faculty.
Aug 2017

Xun (Steven) joins Virginia Tech

Xun (Steve) Jian is now an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech CS. Congratulations, Steve! We are always looking forward to the excellent work on computer architecture from your HEAP Lab!
Aug 2017

Hassanieh receives ACM 2016 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Haitham Hassanieh developed highly efficient algorithms for computing the Sparse Fourier Transform, and demonstrated their applicability in many domains including networks, graphics, medical imaging and biochemistry.
May 2017

Xiaofan Zhang
Xiaofan Receives 2020 Google PhD Fellowship

Illinois ECE graduate student Xiaofan Zhang has been selected as one of 30 awardees of a 2020 Google PhD Fellowship across North America and Europe.
Jul 2020

Best Paper Award at the 33rd VLSID

A research work titled “Leveraging Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration with Scalable ILP Based Task Scheduling,” won the A. K. Chowdhury Best Paper Award at the 33rd International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID). The winning team members were Ashutosh Dhar, Mang Yu, Wei Zuo, Xiaohao Wang, Nam Sung Kim and Deming Chen.
May 2020

Miller Wins NSF CAREER Award

Prof. Andrew Miller won the recent NSF CAREER award for his work, titled “Composable Programming Abstractions for Secure Distributed Computing and Blockchain Applications.”
Apr 2020

Chuchu's thesis defense
Chuchu Joining MIT

Chuchu Fan is joining the Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT as an Assistant Professor.
Jan 2020

Angky William (BS CompE '13) - photo cred to Forbes
Alumnus Angky William Named In 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 - Asia

ECE ILLINOIS alumnus Angky William (BS CompE '13) was recently named to the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. The members of this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list were chosen from over 2,000 entries, researched by a team of reporters, and evaluated by a list of judges.
Sept 2019

Matthew Tomei
Matthew Wins Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

ECE ILLINOIS PhD student Matthew J Tomei was recently awarded the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, a highly prestigious and competitive fellowship awarded to PhD students from a preselected variety of top schools.
Jun 2019

Best Research Paper Award at ICPE 2019

A joint research work with the IBM Research, titled “Evaluating Characteristics of CUDA Communication Primitives on High-Bandwidth Interconnects,” won the Best Research Paper Award at the 10th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE). The winning team members were Carl Pearson, Abdul Dakkak, Sarah Hashash, Cheng Li, I-Hsin Chung, Jinjun Xiong, and Wen-mei Hwu.
Apr 2019

Haitham Al-Hassanieh (Photo by L. Brian Stauffer)
Al-Hassanieh Named Sloan Research Fellow

ECE ILLINOIS Assistant Professor Haitham Al-Hassanieh has been named as one of this 126 recipients of the 2019 Sloan Research Fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Feb 2019

Jian Huang
Jian Wins NetApp Faculty Fellowship Award

ECE ILLINOIS Assistant Professor Jian Huang recently won the 2018 NetApp Faculty Fellowship Award.
Oct 2018

Lu wins the 2018 SIGMETRICS Test-Of-Time award

Yi Lu was awarded the 2018 ACM SIGMETRICS Test of Time Award for her work on Counter Braids. 10 years after its initial publication, the impact of the work stands still. Congratulations, Lu!
Aug 2018

Katherine Rose Driggs-Campbell
Katherine joins UIUC Faculty

Katherine Rose Driggs-Campbell's research is in robotics, vision, and artificial intelligence. She comes from UC Berkeley, and is the most recent addition to our CompE faculty.
Aug 2018

Hwu elected Chair

Wen-mei Hwu elected Chair of TcuARCH, the IEEE research community focussed on Computer Architecture. The ACM Architecture community is chaired by Sarita from the CS department at UIUC.
Jan 2018

Qiaomin wins CSL Thesis Award

Advised by Prof. Yi Lu, her thesis is on "Resource allocation in datacenter Networks: Novel Algorithms, State Space Collapse and Delay Minimization".
Fall 2017

Patel is awarded the IEEE Contribution Medal

Janak Patel wins IEEE Contribution Medal for parallel fault simulations, ATPG sequential circuits, and Illinois scan architecture and several other outstanding contributions to testing.
Oct 2016

UIUC wins NVIDIA AI City Challenge

The team from the Illinois Image Formation and Processing (IFP) group led by Prof. Thomas Huang placed first by a large margin in the premier IEEE Smart World NVIDIA AI City Challenge. Excellent job, IFP group members!
Aug 2017

BackDoor wins MobiSys'17 Best Paper Award

BackDoor shows high-frequency ultrasonic sounds can be designed to be recordable by unmodified smartphone microphones while remaining inaudible to humans, leading to applications including inaudible acoustic-jammer and in-air acoustic communication for IoT devices. (Led by Nirupam)
Jun 2017

Suraj and Junfeng Awarded the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2020

Two students, Suraj Jog and Junfeng (Jayden) Guan, from Prof. Haitham Hassanieh's group were awared the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship.
Jul 2020

Best Paper Award at the 34th IPDPS

A research work titled “XSP: Across-Stack Profiling and Analysis of Machine Learning Models on GPU won the Best Paper Award at the 34th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS). The winning team members were Cheng Li, Abdul Dakkak, Jinjun Xiong, Wei Wei, Lingjie Xu, and Wen-mei Hwu.
May 2020

Rakesh Kumar
Kumar Honored With 2020 ISCA Influential Paper Award

Illinois ECE Associate Professor Rakesh Kumar's 2005 paper “Interconnections in Multi-Core Architectures: Understanding Mechanisms, Overheads and Scaling,” co-authored with Victor Zyuban and Dean M. Tullsen, has been named the winner of the 2020 ACM SIGARCH and IEEE-CS TCCA ISCA Influential Paper Award.
Apr 2020

Jian Huang
Jian Wins IEEE Micro Top Picks Award

ECE ILLINOIS Assistant Professor Jian Huang recently won the 2020 IEEE Micro Top Picks Award.
Jan 2020

Radhika Mittal
Radhika joins UIUC Faculty

Radhika Mittal's research is in computer systems and networking. She comes from UC Berkeley, and is the most recent addition to our CompE faculty.
Aug 2019

Arjun Joining Mayo Clinic

Arjun P. Athreya will join Mayo Clinic as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology.
Jun 2019

Haitham, Jian, and Shobha Receive Google Faculty Research Awards

Each year through the Google Faculty Research Awards, Google funds unrestricted support to a select number of research in the field of computer science and engineering. This year, three members, Haitham, Jian, and Shobha, from our CompE faculty received this honor.
Apr 2019

Nirupam joins University of Maryland

Congrats to Nirupam Roy on accepting a faculty position in CS at Univ. of Maryland, College Park! Hope Nirupam designs the Internet of many other Things!
Jan 2019

Suraj wins SIGCOMM SRC

Suraj Jog has won first place at the ACM SIGCOMM Student Research Competition (SRC) for his work on dense spatial reuse in mmWave networks. Best wishes for the ACM level contest, Suraj!
Aug 2018

Welcome Kirill

Kirill Levchenko joins UIUC from UC San Diego. His work is on security and e-crimes. Thrilled to have you with us in CompE!
Aug 2018

Srikant recognized with the Kobayashi Award

R. Srikant was awarded the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award for outstanding contributions in computation and communications related to congestion control and scheduling in networks.
Jul 2018

Mitra wins Dean's Award

Sayan Mitra wins Dean's Award for excellence in research on the topics of modeling and verification of cyber-physical systems, with an emphasis on self-driving, autonomous cars.
Feb 2018

Kim in MICRO Hall of Fame

Nam Sung Kim, for his work on circuit level timing speculation and dynamic voltage scaling, variants of which have been applied to recent commercial microprocessors, is in MICRO Hall of Fame. He also became an IEEE Fellow recently.

Homa joining U. Virginia ...

as Assistant Professor, and would continue her work on reliability and safety analysis of large scale software systems.
Jan 2018

Henry joins Iowa State

Henry Duwe starts a new adventure at the Software Engineering Department of Iowa State University. Congratulations, Henry! Bring more exciting stuff to the IoT Era!
Aug 2017

Romit Roy Choudhury
Roy Choudhury wins CS @ ILLINOIS 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is in recognition of "alumni and faculty members who have made professional, technical, educational, or service contributions that bring distinction to themselves, the department, and the university."
Nov 2016

Sanjay, Andrew Build Contact Tracing for Safer at Illinois app

Sanjay Patel (with big help from Andrew Miller) built the exposure notification system in the Safer at Illinois app. The app is fundamental to university's much-admired Covid-19 response.
Jul 2020

Saurabh Jha
Saurabh Earns 2020 IBM PhD Fellowship Award

Each year, IBM receives hundreds of applications from universities across the world for their prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship Award program. This year, CSL’s Saurabh Jha, student of Ravi Iyer, has been selected as just one of 24 nominees to have earned this honor.
May 2020

Radhika Mittal
Mittal Receives Facebook Research Award

Illinois ECE Assistant Professor Radhika Mittal recently received a Networking Systems research award from Facebook for her proposal “Semantic Management of Packet Drops.”
Feb 2020

Omer Anjum
Omer Receives Best Paper Award for GPU Work

Illinois ECE postdoc Omer Anjum, a member of the IMPACT group led by Illinois ECE Professor Wen-Mei W Hwu, recently received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC).
Dec 2019

Nam Sung Kim
Kim in Hall of Fame of All Three Major Computer Architecture Conferences

Recently, ECE ILLINOIS Professor Nam Sung Kim became just the 24th researcher in the world to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of all three of the major computer architecture conferences.
Jul 2019

Ashutosh Dhekne
Ashutosh Joining Georgia Tech

Ashutosh Dhekne will join Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech) as an Assistant Professor.
Jun 2019

Huang Wins SIGDA Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award

ECE ILLINOIS Research Assistant Professor Tsung-Wei Huang recently won the 2019 ACM SIGDA Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award in Electronic Design Automation.
Mar 2019

Vaidya heads the CS department at Georgetown

Nitin Vaidya has joined Georgetown University as the Head of the Computer Science Department from Fall 2018. We are sad to see you leave, and also very excited about your new venture. Visit us often, Nitin.
Aug 2018

Fall 2018 Feedback Friday

Check out past events … stay tuned for more!
Aug 2018

Deming Chen
Best Paper Award at SLIP 2018

One research work titled “Resource and Data Optimization for Hardware Implementation of Deep Neural Networks Targeting FPGA-based Edge Devices,” won the Best Paper Award at IEEE/ACM International Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction 2018. The winning team members were Xinheng Liu, Dae Hee Kim, Chang Wu and Deming Chen.
Jun 2018

Kumar gets the Stanley H. Pierce Faculty Award

Rakesh Kumar has been honored with the Stanley H. Pierce Faculty Award from UIUC's College of Engineering for outstanding student-faculty cooperation.
Feb 2018

Mahanth joining Penn State ...

as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).
Jan 2018

Andrew's papers have received highest citations ...

for 2 years in a row (2016 and 2017) in the security community. His research on cryptocurrenies draws from techniques in PL, cryptography, and distributed computing.
Apr 2017

Chen's startup wins the IEEE/ACM DAC 2017 International Hardware Design Contest

Deming Chen's startup Inspirit IoT recently won first place at the IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2017 International Hardware Design Contest for developing an audio-based security system that can alert a central command center when trouble breaks out. Great job, Deming!
Aug 2017